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Home > Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works

Office Location
Town Hall
34 Broadway
Rockport, MA 01966

Office Hours
Monday: 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Tuesday: 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Wednesday: 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Thursday: 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Contact Us
ph: 978-546-3525
Parking and Transfer Station stickers will be on sale online or by mail starting April 1st. They will be on sale at Town Hall starting May 18th. Click here for Sticker Information.

Click here to buy your sticker online!

Starting May 17 through Nov. 8, 2015 the Transfer Station will be open on Sundays from 8:00 - 11:45.

The DPW will no longer be holding drop-off days for CRTs and white goods. Items will now be accepted at the Transfer Station during operating hours with a prepaid coupon. Please see Transfer Station staff for more details. We are still having quarterly collection days for waste oils, batteries and antifreeze. Please call for dates or see calendar for more information. General recycling information and bulk item pricing is available here.

PAYT bags are sold at the following locations in Rockport: Town Hall, Ace Hardware, and Rockport Market.

The Long Beach Seawall Improvements Presentation presented at the Public Informational Meeting on May 22, 2012 is available here.

Project Information

Mill Pond Dam: 10/25/2012 Phase II is underway! More details to come.


The Town of Rockport, pursuant to an Administrative Consent Order with MassDEP, has established a Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) Management Program to help reduce the amount of FOG that is disposed of in our sewer system. Restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, homes, and apartments typically generate fats, oils, and grease. Most FOG results from cooking meats or using oil or grease to cook. Salad dressing, marinades, sauces, and other fat containing foods contribute to FOG. FOG gets into the sanitary sewer system by direct discharge or through the disposal of food waste containing FOG. FOG can buildup within municipal sewer systems and create sewer overflow problems.

Management of FOG starts with raising public awareness and reducing the incidence of direct disposal of FOG into the sewer system. Once in the sewer system, FOG can build up on the interior of the pipes, reduce pipe capacity, and increase blockages. Please click on the links to the FOG Message and FOG Fact Sheet to learn more on what you can do to help reduce the amount of FOG that enters our municipal sewer system.

Table of Contents

  • Calendar

  • Forms

  • Reports

  • Project Information, Progress and Media
  • Notice
  • Main Office Address, Phone and Fax
  • Hours of Operation
  • DPW News
  • DPW Commissioner Minutes
  • Water Info
  • Water and Sewer Permits
  • Mercury Recovery Program
  • General Information
    1. Transfer Station
    2. Water & Wastewater Treatment Division
    3. Water and Sewer Division
    4. Highway Division
    5. Park Beach and Cemetery Division
    6. Public Properties Division
    7. Tree Warden
    8. Park 'n Ride
    9. Technical Services Division
    10. Office Staff
    11. DPW Commisioners
  • Related Links
  • Contacts

  • DPW Website Contact

  • Town Hall Office Building

  • 34 Broadway Rockport, MA 01966
  • Phone: (978) 546-3525
  • Fax: (978) 546-3562

    Hours of Operation

  • Town Hall Office Building: Mon, Wed, Thur (8am - 4pm), Tue (8am - 6pm), Fri (8am - 1pm)
  • DPW Yard: Mon - Fri (7am - 3pm)
  • Transfer Station: Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat (7:00am - 2:45pm). Closed Mon, Thurs and Holidays. Open Sundays (8:00am-11:45am) seasonally - see top of page for dates.

    DPW News

  • A few plastic items, which had previously been accepted for recycling must now be deposited into the solid waste trailers: plastic toys, slides, pools, wraps, chairs, bags, pvc pipe, foam packaging, styrofoam, tarps and plant holders.

  • DPW Commissioner Minutes

    DPW Commissioner Minutes are available on the Reports page or by clicking here.

    Water Info

  • Cape Pond Reservoir (110 Million Gallons MAX) : Currently 78% Full
  • Carlson’s Quarry (85 Million Gallons MAX) : Currently 84% Full
  • Total Reservoir System : Currently 81% Full
  • Current Water Restrictions: NONE
  • Water Restriction Guidelines can be found here.
  • The 2014 Town of Rockport "Consumer Confidence Report" can be downloaded here. There are also copies available at Town Hall, the Water Filtration Plant, and Rockport Public Library.

    Water and Sewer Permits

    Water and Sewer Permits Are required whenever a new service to a house is to be installed or whenever an addition is to be built. Below is a list of items that may be required for any sewer or water connections.

  • A water or sewer permit
  • A Digsafe number
  • The contractor you are using is required to have his Insurance and or bond on file with the DPW office
  • Material Certification Form must be on file
  • Street and or Sidewalk opening permits may be required
  • Police Details may be required
  • 24 notice is required before any work can begin
  • New water meters must be purchased through the town
  • The Water Connection Policy will be coming soon
  • The Sewer Connection Policy can be found under the "Reports" Section, or by clicking here

    Mercury Recovery Program

    Mercury is an element that can be harmful to human health and the environment if not managed properly. The town is collecting mercury devices, such as Thermostats, Thermometers, Mercury Switches, and Button Cell Batteries. We will exchange your mercury thermometers for a new digital thermometer (while supplies last). You can bring these devices to Town hall during normal operating hours. This Program is sponsored by Wheelabrator Saugus JVC.

    General Information

    The Town of Rockport Department of Public Works was created in 1961. The DPW was setup to help maintain basic services for public use. There are many different services within the DPW.

  • The Transfer Station is the town’s solid waste and recycling center. Residents are required to have a Transfer Station Sticker to use the facility. Daily, weekly, and monthly passes are available to eligible residents. There are reduced rates for additional stickers within the same household. Non-residents may purchase a sticker to help an elderly resident with the Director's approval.

  • The Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities are responsible for the treatment of water for both consumption and treatment of wastewater material.

  • The Water & Sewer Division is responsible for the maintenance of the water and sewer systems outside of the plants, including pipes, hydrants and water meters.

  • The Highway Division is responsible for the maintenance and reconstruction of public roads, the town’s drainage system, snow plowing and removal operations.

  • The Park, Beach, and Cemetery Division is responsible for mowing, cleaning and general upkeep of all parks, cemeteries, and town owned land as well as interments.

  • The Public Properties Division is responsible for the maintenance of town owned buildings, other than the school department buildings.

  • Due to budget constraints, the town does not currently have a Tree Warden. However, trees are an important part of the Rockport community and Rockport conscientiously follows Massachusetts General Law 87, the most important law governing the protection of trees.

  • The Park 'n Ride facility is on town land located next to the transfer facility. The main use of this parking lot is to provide additional parking for tourists and residents who want to avoid trying to park in the downtown area.

  • The Technical Services Division maintains plans and records and oversees town projects. The Technical Services Division keeps records and plans of most town lots and building as well as stores Topographical maps, wetland, maps, water, sewerage and drainage plans, and as-builts on town projects. This division is reponsible for the town transportation fuel system as well as water level records.

  • The Office Staff is responsible for communications with the general public, billing operations, water meter records, payroll services, and other general office needs.

  • The DPW Commissioners oversee the operation and functions of the DPW and make decisions based on budget and legal aspects. The DPW Commission consists of three members and meets on a regular basis.

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  • DPW FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • MASS Highway Department

  • Environmental Protection Agency or EPA (Federal Government)

  • Department of Environmental Protection or DEP (State Agency)

  • If there is anything that you would like to see added to the DPW Website, please contact Rebecca Wright at the DPW office or email

    Last Updated: 8/19/15